Adventurers' Terrn

Session 4 - Wisp-her? I barely know her...

Mole-a-pedes and glowing women

Having released the wisp to Ioun-knows-where, the party traverses back through the ancient stone tunnels to their point of entry. The lights have extinguished. Lo’gar can be heard whining from above. Ellia casts Sun’s Glow in the room, spreading light through the muddy cave. Fresh tracks.

Ellia looks worried. “We better get up there quickly,” she suggests.

As if on cue, scuttling can be heard from the corridors. Vio and Balgur rush into the middle of the room to grab the rope, and Vio is slammed by an enormous brown creature nearly 8 feet long. It’s part mole and part centipede head and front segments are bent upwards. Rows of circular teeth drip a green poison and several sharp claws for digging and slashing. The centipede rears back and chomps at Vio once again – he becomes poisoned and reels slightly.

A second mole-a-pede appears and attacks Ellia, poisoning her as it sinks its teeth into her exposed arm. Meanwhile, Balgur looses a half dozen arrows, all of which miss. Amanita, seeing the group struggling and not wanting to be made into a snack, calls out for everyone to back into the tunnels to fight more cohesively and limit the centipede movement. He tosses a pouch of dust at Ellia, allowing her to float backwards and take up a defensive posture. As she retreats back into the corridor, she calls upon Pelor and heals herself and Vio while purging their bodies of the poison.

Balgur steps backwards as well, firing and finally connecting. His mole-a-pede loses an antenna and starts to frenzy. Lo’Gar howls from above, clearly wanting to fight with his master. Amanita looses a phantom cage from his position in the rear, confounding one of the creature. It tries to escape from its imagined prison, but overloads its brain in the attempt to skirt past. It falls to the ground in a heap.

Ellia steps forward and careens her mace into the second mole-a-pede, sending green-brown plasma flying onto the wall. Vio, having taken the most focus and feeling vindictive raises his enormous flail overhead and brings it smashing down on the final creature, snuffing out its life.

A cautious rest commences, and Balgur reaches over to grab a few trophies – mole-a-pede legs. Amanita notices that an antenna is still wriggling on the ground. It seems to emanate some magical power. He picks it up and realizes that somehow it must have been affected by the nearby wisps. As the stalk wriggles in his hand, he can feel his power magnified by it and decides to use it as his new wand.

Amanita flies up through the crack and the rest quickly ascend the rope. Lo’gar leaps toward Balgur, who throws him a leg. Lo’gar quietly munches on the stack.

Vio suggests they return to Dirk and Pria, so everyone leaves the basement and enters the house. It’s still dark out, but nearing morning. They go upstairs, but before they can wake either human a bright light fills the room. Through the window the enormous wisp can be seen.

The light awakens Dirk and Pria. “What’s that?!”

The wisp takes a position over the top of the house, lending a soft glow to the yard. Suddenly, it’s phased through the roof, filling the room with blinding whiteness.

The whiteness dissipates and everyone rubs their eyes. The wisp is nowhere to be seen. Pria has lain back down on the bed.

“What was that?!” shouts Dirk. Vio tries to calm him, but as he speaks Pria sits up. Her eyes glow white. She opens her mouth to speak, looking directly at Amanita.

“Thank… You.” Her eyes close, and she collapses back onto the bed.

Dirk continues his confused shouts as Ellia and Vio try to recap: They explain the humming lights, the crack and cave below the house (determining also that Dirk had no knowledge of it), and the trapped giant wisp. It is suggested that they leave immediately since Pria does not seem to be in a right state. Vio offers a prayer to Erathis for protection, placing a hand on Pria’s shoulder.

CRACK! A rumble and the sound of stones shifting comes from the basement. Dirk refuses to leave until the noise is investigated so Amanita flies in quickly. Somehow, the crevasse has bonded back together! Satisfied, though still confused and frightened, Dirk acquiesces.

Balgur places Pria over his shoulder, and the group treads north to the humming stones.



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