Adventurers' Terrn

Session 3 - Pixie Pick-up

The party wisps up some trouble.

The group arrived safely at the Mosstone Inn, watching as Beren disappears with a timid and relieved “Thanks!” The three look at each other, shrug, and walk inside.

They are greeted by voice from the bar: “Come in, sit down a spell! Welcome to The Stone’s Throw!” The three take a seat and share lunch. While eating, an excitable green-haired gnome saunters over.

“Hello travelers! I am Plix Greengear! Welcome to Mosstone!”

After revealing himself to be a member of the town council, Plix suddenly sniffs.

“Acrid, earthy, wounds … poison? Spiders. Spiders? You were fighting spiders.”

He pokes into Balgur’s bag and fishes out the spider fangs and web. “Yes, yes. Here it is. Give me those. No sense fighting. This will be fun. Meet me at my home later! It’s the one with lilacs out front! East side of town. Later. Later!”

After a brief discussion and bout of confusion, the group finds out Plix paid for their lunch and rooms. They retire and take a short nap.

A few restful hours later, they leave for Plix’s house. He grants Balgur a bow, made from the web and fangs. Balgur thanks him. “Orcs often give gifts of weapons as a show of friendship. What can we do for you?”

Plix shifts, and looks towards the back of the room towards a hovering Pixie.

“Well, funny you should ask, and my gesture was meant as goodwill and not intended, but we have heard of some happenings with the homesteaders. If you wouldn’t mind, would you check it out? Go see Lyel in the druid circle, he should have more information. Amanita‚Ķ would you accompany them please?”

Amanita sighs, agrees to help, and leads them to the circle. Upon arrival, they see Lyel meditating amidst the moss covered stones. A low-intoned humming permeates the area. None wish to disturb the druid, so Amanita projects the sound of a cracking branch to alert him. Lyel smiles and opens his eyes. “How can I help you all? Hello Amanita.”

After explaining Plix’s request, Lyel explains that some of the nearby homesteaders have been seeing strange lights at night, that hum in a way similar to the stones here. “You could probably drop by to meet one of the residents, and perhaps catch the lights as well. There are a pair of humans nearby, you could reach them in about 30 minutes.”

Lyel gives directions to the log cabin. They travel further southward to get there, and Vio knocks on the door.

“No solicitors.”

“Ah, we’re here about the lights actually.”

“Why didn’t you say so? Come in.”

The man introduces himself as Dirk, and his wife as Pria. As Balgur and the wolf come inside, they spook Pria. She yelps and scurries into the kitchen as they move wordlessly to a corner.

Pria returns with tea, providing some to Amanita in a thimble while taking a wide berth around the wolf and orc. Dirk explains their situation. The two had moved into the cabin Dirk had recently finished building, hoping to start a family. Vio compliments the woodcraft and Dirk looks pleased.

Amanita recognizes that Pria is pregnant, though he doesn’t mention it to the group. The two go upstairs for the evening, while the group stands watch.

Each of the party takes a window as night falls. A single bright light – about a foot in diameter – appears outside the window where Amanita is sitting. Unfortunately, he has fallen asleep. Startled awake, he regains his composure. He turns towards it and it hums at him slightly off key. He calls Vio over and the two observe the light. Amanita recognizes it as a wisp. Everyone moves outside, and more appear, closing in on the group. They retreat inside. The wisps come to each of the windows, so the group moves to the cellar.

Ellia lights up the room, which reveals assorted furniture, food, and boxes. A chasm had also opened up in the floor. A sunrod is dropped inside, falls into the water and muck thirty feet down. There’s a cavern underneath the cellar!

Amanita flutters down inside and calls back that the coast is clear. The group follows via a rope, leaving Lo’Gar in the cellar. Inside they notice some natural burrows with tracks suggesting multiple legs and claws made for digging but the creatures are nowhere to be found. A carved stone passageway to the east is also present. The group follows this path, noting that it must have been some ancient tunnel based on the markings and structure. It opens up to an underground cavern.

The cavern glows with an eerie light which ends abruptly in the center of the cavern. A runed circle surrounds a well – the hole is filled with an opaque blackness. Amanita goes to take a closer look, and accidentally touches the ring. FWOOSH – The entire cavern lights up as the circle extends to the ceiling. A statue in the rear of the chamber is illuminated as a result. It’s composed of three dragon heads split apart in a triangle; their bodies are entwined and their tails are knotted together. Balgur jumps up on it and the light immediately disperses. It returns as he jumps off, but not before he twists his ankle.

Upon closer inspection, the statue’s tail knot appears to be a switch. When the switch is pressed, the runed circle’s light is extinguished. When released it expands upwards in a burst of light. The room alternates between light and dark as the group experiments . Four wisps appear and center on the statue – one at each dragon’s mouth, with the last floating above the tail knot. Ellia presses down on a tail, and it is discovered that the tails work as switches. More trial and error leads to all three tails pressed down, with Amanita activating the tail knot.

FWOOSH – the room is illuminated and the darkness over the circle dissipates. A humongous wisp – roughly fifteen times larger than the others – floats out of the well, glowing white, green and blue. It tries to communicate: whistle hum hum whistle.

The party observes the new arrival and puzzles over it as it continues to hum and whistle. Deciding they can’t understand it and determining it and its smaller versions harmless, they opt to return to town to report what they’ve found. Not wanting to leave the wisp out of its protective well, they flick the tails back up and prepare to push the button.

FWOOSH – the runic circle expands, and the giant wisp ascends through the ceiling!

The four look to each other in worry, with clear expressions of “Uh-oh. What did we just do?”



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